Renovation Notes For The Personality Home Bar!

Are you looking for your considerations regarding the renovation of your personality home bar? look here! Today, I will share the home bar decoration for everyone.

In the indoor setting bar, the bar must be regarded as a part of the complete space, not just a piece of furniture, a good design can integrate the bar into the space. There is no specific rule for the location of the bar. Designers usually recommend using some of the zero-distortion space. If you integrate the bar into the main body of space, you should consider the direction of the line. The good design is instructive and invisibly makes the living more comfortable.

2, the location of course also affects the circuit and water supply and drainage design, especially when it is far from the pipe or the drain pipe, the drainage becomes a big problem. The drain pipe should have a certain angle of inclination. If the bar position is close to the outdoor, the drain pipe can be connected to the outdoor and drained by a separate line; if the pipe is connected to the pipe and the inclination is insufficient, the construction must be troublesome when the pipe must be installed from the ceiling or the wall. The cost will also increase.

  1. If you want to use high-powered appliances in the bar, such as induction cookers, it is best to design a separate circuit to avoid circuit tripping.

4, personality home bar table size: the bar built with the corner, the operating space needs at least 90 cm, and the bar height has two sizes, the single-layer bar is about 110 cm up and down, the double-bar counter is 80 cm and 105 cm, The gap must be at least 25 cm, and the inner layer can be placed.

5, the depth of the countertop must depend on the function of the bar, only the width of the countertop required for drinking and dining is different. If there is a seat in front of the platform, the countertop must protrude from the bar itself, so the depth of the countertop must be at least 40-60cm. The width of the bar below is also more convenient to store.

  1. How long should the bar be used for ease of use? In general, the smallest sink needs to be 60 cm long and the operating table is 60 cm. Others can be measured according to their own needs.

As shown in Figure 7, the sink with the sink should pay attention when purchasing the sink. The sink is preferably a flat bottom slot. When the cup is placed, it will not fall or be damaged. The depth of the sink is preferably 20 cm or more to avoid splashing. Get it wet.

8, the design of the wine cabinet should pay attention to the convenience of use, the height of each layer is at least 30-40cm, the part of the wine bottle is best designed to be placed obliquely, so that the wine can flood the cork, so that the wine can be stored Longer; the depth of the cabinet should not be too deep, it is inconvenient to take a cup to cross other objects.

9, the countertop is best to use wear-resistant material, the skin is not suitable, the bar with the sink is best to withstand water; if the bar uses electrical appliances, the refractory material is the best, like artificial stone, beautiful plate, stone Etc., are all ideal materials.

Renovation Notes For The Personality Home Bar!

After reading the above article, have you got the information you want? I think the above information will help you. Your home bar will be decorated according to the above information. I think it will make you safer. In addition, if you need to know more about bar furniture, please continue Follow us!

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