Unique Bar Cabinet, The Most Personality Bar Furniture

In addition to traditional bar furniture, it is now more and more popular with personality bar furniture, many.The restaurant is integrated into the wine cabinet design. It not only displays different wines, but also combines a variety of storage functions to provide a healthy and comfortable environment for dining and wine tasting. Here are some representative personality bar furniture wine cabinet styles and typical restaurant and wine cabinet decoration!

Unique Bar Cabinet, The Most Personality Bar Furniture

Porvoo wine cooler. Romantic wine cabinet made of beige matte paint; wine cabinet, wine rack, corner open cabinet to meet a variety of needs; dining table combined with wine cabinet customization, saving space.

Duke family wine cabinet. Classical old-fashioned style, with a unique charm of color; a large number of wines, can store a large number of wines; bar open cabinets can also be used for wine storage!

Earl wine cabinet. The classical design style of the majestic atmosphere; the L-type wine cabinet has a very rich storage function; the door-press design makes it easier to open and close; the bar table has a simple function.

Private world wine cabinets. U-shaped design, providing a large amount of storage space; dining table and wine cabinet integrated design, saving space; delicate lines, multi-functional cabinet, first-class home taste.

New glamour restaurant (with wine cabinet). Compact design, the restaurant L-shaped wall is custom-made cabinet; wine cabinet features a variety of functions, suitable for storing a variety of types of wine; open cabinet and closed cabinet combination, allowing tableware storage is very convenient.

Preston Guest Restaurant (with wine cabinet)
The L-shaped design greatly enhances the storage capacity; the red and white match has a more charm; the glass door allows the sideboard to be stored.

The Earl’s restaurant (with wine cabinet) side cabinet combined with wine cabinet design; the cabinet top of the high-rise cabinet has solutions; simple atmosphere, first-class taste.

The Carlton Restaurant (with wine cabinet) wine cabinet is set at the bottom of the sideboard, the wine glass rack is in the middle; the kitchen cabinet is not commonly used, and the glass door cabinet is commonly used; the white side cabinet is suitable for various home decoration styles.

Xinyue Life Restaurant (with wine cabinet) is customized along the wall, divided into two parts: the floor cabinet and the hanging cabinet; the floor cabinet is embedded in the wine cabinet design, the mini is practical; the front wall is customized for the storage card holder, one for two.

The multi-functional restaurant (with wine cabinet) is combined with the bay window cabinet to customize, and the storage is greatly improved; the side cabinet is embedded in the wine cabinet design, the restaurant function is more abundant; the overall design is simple and elegant, and dining becomes a kind of enjoyment.

wine cabinet designUnique Bar Cabinet, The Most Personality Bar Furniture

With these personality bar furniture, where also need to go to the bar is right! Enjoy it in a restaurant, but if you want to learn more about some of the furniture of the personality home bar, please follow us!

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