You should Pay Attention To These When Designing A Personality Bar Furniture Lighting Project!

In general, the atmosphere in the bar needs to be mobilized in addition to music. The stage lighting is combined with the background music to create the style and atmosphere of the bar space, and the whole bar makes people feel in another world. In the bar design, bar lighting has become an important part of the bar design. To create a good bar atmosphere, the choice of light source and lighting is particularly important, to be consistent with the indoor environment style, pay attention to many details.

You should Pay Attention To These When Designing A Personality Bar Furniture Lighting Project!

From the perspective of the light surface, the bar lighting engineering design can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Direct lighting. Direct lighting is more suitable for public places with a larger range and more people, and the direct illumination is directly in the corresponding direction. The main function is to increase the brightness of the space. The direct lighting without color style can create the whole space style and atmosphere.
  2. Semi-direct lighting. The effect of semi-direct illumination generally gives a feeling of soothing, awkwardness and tranquility. Generally, glass or a pair of objects with a certain blocking ability for light is blocked, and only half or more of the lights are illuminated in the corresponding places.
  3. Diffuse lighting. The main feature of diffuse lighting is that it is non-directional, balanced and softly sprinkled around, giving a warm, quiet and comfortable feeling. The main method is to use a translucent frosted glass lampshade for the lobby, passage, and seating of the bar.
  4. Semi-indirect lighting and indirect lighting. Semi-indirect lighting is mainly used for bars decoration . The general function is to hit the wall or ceiling, which can make the wall or ceiling visually higher. Semi-indirect illumination is characterized by 60% of the light, and indirect illumination means that 90% of the light is illuminated; then the reflected light is indirectly illuminated on the illuminated object, and a small portion is diffused around.

According to the above lighting classification, the lighting is arranged reasonably. At the same time, it should be noted that the bar should use incandescent lamps with low color temperature, milk white bulbs or frosted bulbs, diffuse light, not glare, with natural light, more intimate and soft. The color of the fluorescent lamp is high, under the light, the color cast, the person’s face will look pale. Lighting can also use a hybrid light source, that is, a combination of a low color temperature lamp and a high color temperature lamp. The effect of the mixed illumination is quite close to that of daylight, and the light source is not monotonous and can be selected.

Of course, the lighting of the bar is more than one part, and there is also an auxiliary lighting to play the role of the dining environment. There are many ways to use these auxiliary lights, such as lighting in bar furniture (glass cabinets, etc.); partial lighting of artwork and decorations. Need to know that the auxiliary lighting is not mainly for lighting, but to set off the environment with light and shadow effects. Therefore, the illumination is lower than the light on the dining table. Under the premise of highlighting the main light source, the arrangement of light and shadow should be ordered and not disordered.

You should Pay Attention To These When Designing A Personality Bar Furniture Lighting Project!

The above is about the lighting of bar furniture, perhaps you are also interested in personality bar furniture, home bar furniture, please pay attention!

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